Freeze Dried Organic Açaí Juice Powder


Botanical Name                                         Euterpe Precatoria..
Plant Part                                                     Fruit Pulp
Description                                                  Powder: Purple
Flavor                                                             Typical natural Acai
Preservatives                                              None
Origin                                                             Brazilian Amazon
Tariff Code                                                    0814.40.90.00
Shipping Classification                           70
Storage                                                           Dry at 22 C / 72 F
Availability                                                    Year-round


The açaí tree (Euterpe oleracea or Precatoria) is a palm tree specie native to the Amazon basin and belongs to the Palmae family. It grows in the wild in floodplain zones but can also be cultivated on dry grounds. Although it can
be found all over the Brazilian Amazon, it is particularly abundant in the State of Para and State of Amazonas where native trees are found in its highest concentration. Among the 150 types of fruits found in the Amazon, Açaí is considered to be the most nutritious of all, exhibiting a high concentration of fiber, Anthocyanins, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It constitutes a natural time-released source of energy.

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